Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social networks are not left out of a digital marketing strategy and brand building on the Internet. They are important to create a community and keep our clients and followers informed of everything that happens in the brand. In Mireles Law marketing we specialize in social media marketing for lawyers.

What is social media marketing for lawyers?

The social media manager, in some cases confused with the community manager, is the person in charge of creating the strategic plan of digital communication in the lawyers’ social networks, elaborating market and brand analysis, as well as restructuring the digital strategy based on the results obtained. Unlike the community manager, this is the person in charge of managing the community, is the voice of the brand, responsible for creating valuable content for users, in order to maintain a lasting relationship with our followers. In Mireles Law Marketing, we offer a joint service of social media marketing and community manager specialized for lawyers.

Why should you opt for social media marketing for lawyers?

Competition in the legal sector has become fierce, so it is important that you have a presence in as many digital channels as possible to avoid being left out.
Everyone uses social media, your competitors and colleagues probably do too, so why not take advantage of it?

Social media marketing and the ease of sharing content

Social media marketing for lawyers is an important part of content sharing. Nowadays, digital media represent a large part of web traffic, in addition, they are platforms in which people tend to be in most of their free time, so viralize or share content is only a matter of a few clicks, that’s why you should make the most of it and implement a social media marketing strategy for lawyers.

social media marketing for lawyers
social media marketing for lawyers

What benefits does my law firm get from social media marketing?

There are companies that believe that social media marketing for lawyers does not work, let me tell you that they are wrong.
Social media marketing is extremely important when implementing an online strategy, as it contributes to the creation of a community and contributes to the exponential growth of your business.

Without a doubt, social media marketing for lawyers can help you grow your audience and convert those visitors into traffic, leads and in many cases clients. The benefits of digital social media marketing for lawyers are obvious, so you should implement an effective social media content strategy that is relevant and designed for your ideal client.

Still have doubts? Don’t worry, here are some reasons why your law firm should invest in having a social media presence.

Social networks allow you to create a community

Social media allows us to create a qualified community interested in the services your law firm offers. Building a community is not easy, as it requires an expert in social media marketing for lawyers who can share, engage, inform and promote relevant knowledge to their followers. Content is king, so good content will reach more people interested in your services.

More followers and more customers.

Beyond the presence and brand image that social networks allow us to create, it is evident and proven that social networks allow you to attract new customers, since they provide exposure to a large number of people connected in a single application. Surveys confirm that social media channels increase between 30 and 45% of new customers.

The simple fact of creating a post with content designed for your followers, can lead them to your website to read the article and as a result they end up subscribing to your newsletter (prospect) or make an inquiry.

Increased online presence

Social networks become another digital channel for those clients interested in our law firm to find us. Social media marketing for lawyers allows us to provide another form of communication, contact, information, brand visibility and is also another source of traffic to our website.

Increased traffic to your website

Your website is no longer dependent on organic or paid search engine traffic. Social media marketing for lawyers has become one of the reasons for your clients to visit your website, generating more traffic and getting many more conversion opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to organic searches or paid traffic, quality content generated on your blog and shared on social media has a lot of power (more than you can imagine).

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We create your social media marketing strategy for lawyers

In Mireles Law Marketing for lawyers we are committed to the legal sector and we want to be responsible for your digital marketing strategy for law firms. Having a presence in social networks is of great importance, so it is important to create and plan a relevant content strategy, valuable, that does not bore the target audience, but in turn can answer frequent questions from these people.

Auditing and analysis: market and competition study

Before you begin your social media marketing strategy for lawyers, we must evaluate all of your social profiles and see how they are performing. This means researching who is currently connecting with the brand, what social media outlets your target audience is using and how your social media presence compares to your competitors. This process will be done in case the brand already exists, in addition, we will determine your top 3 competitors and how the industry is performing, finally we will eliminate fraudulent accounts that do not add value to the brand.

Target audience study: buyer persona

In this section, we will focus on your target audience or also called buyer persona. For this, we will conduct a brief survey to the owner of the law firm where he will try to specify how his ideal client thinks, which will allow us to define ideal profiles of the public we want to reach. On the other hand, we will also conduct surveys to end consumers to find out what content they like and what they are interested in seeing from the brand.

Measuring objectives and KPIS

In this section we will work together with the analytics team and try to set the objectives of digital marketing and social media for lawyers that we will take into account, in turn, we will determine what will be the KPIs that will be used to measure results of each of the actions that we will perform. We will start from a base and monthly we will present reports on how your law firm evolves in social networks.

Content blocks: topics we will talk about

The content blocks will help us to diversify the topics we will talk about (content and information from the law firm on social networks). We will take into account the interests of the buyer, for that, a prior investigation of the content and information that generates a greater participation of the followers will be carried out. We will grow your law firm on social media so that your brand becomes a firm that clients can turn and trust when they need a specialist in their field.

We will create a calendar in which we will establish the frequency with which we will publish content, the target audience for each type of content and the type of content for each of the platforms.

Creativity in social networks for lawyers

We plan creative campaigns during the work period, combining them with special dates and days that represent the brand or are important to the sector. Creativity is important, that’s why we create engaging content that increases engagement and brings us closer to the end user.

We reinforce our strategy with advertising campaigns

Our social media marketing strategy for lawyers is accompanied by digital advertising to capture community and increase account engagement.

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social media marketing for lawyers

Which social networks to use for my law firm?

Determining on which social networks we will implement our strategy is important. But first, we must ask ourselves a series of questions: what platforms does my ideal client use? How can I offer value on this platform? How is he/she using this platform? What are his/her pains and needs? These questions will be important to place the effort in the right platform, on the other hand, we must analyze your competition and understand their strategy.
We must have a clear idea of each social network that represents your company, who controls it, who runs it and what it is for, since it is better to use fewer digital channels than to try too hard to have a presence in each social network.

How much does it cost to implement a social media marketing strategy for lawyers?

You are probably considering hiring a social media marketing specialist for lawyers, but how much do the services of a social media professional really cost? We tell you the points you should consider.

Currently, the work of a social media manager is in high demand in the digital market, as it is responsible for carrying out a strategy in the networks of law firms. But as we all know, it is not the same to quote a social media marketing service for lawyers with small offices than for big brands. That is why social media marketing prices vary according to the following points:

  1. What state the account is in.
  2. The size of the firm (large or small firms).
  3. The brand’s budget.

These are some of the most important points to take into account when estimating the costs of social media marketing for lawyers.

Social media management for lawyers in California

In Mireles Law Marketing we perform social media management for lawyers, we specialize in the legal sector, we have years of experience in the market, we will work together to design and create an effective social media marketing plan, monitoring each improvement and managing each of your social networks optimally and professionally. We are available for hire in a wide range of digital marketing disciplines, contact us to request information.

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