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Teleworking, teleworking or also called remote workplace is one of the practices that gained strength in 2020 due to the pandemic that occurred in that year. Nowadays, it has become an essential practice for organizations and companies, since it allows their workers to carry out their tasks from home or from anywhere that has an internet connection that allows them to link to a platform that monitors time and tasks they perform, thus allowing them to continue with their activities without putting their health or that of their families at risk.

At Mireles Law Marketing we have the best remote workplace service in California. Our goal is to help companies and organizations be more productive by providing tools that enable people to be more productive. Time tracking instantly improves your employees’ focus and productivity.

Our telecommuting services offer a wide range of advantages and features.

Our services facilitate the work of your employees and increase productivity to achieve the objectives of your company.

Time tracking

Track the time worked by all members of your team and provide a breakdown by client, project, and task. See time spent on work and lost time, identify inefficiencies, and find projects and tasks that consume your team’s time.


Monitor exactly what your team is doing and how. Identify wasted time, distractions and inefficiencies. Screenshots can be taken of employee monitors at any time interval you specify.

Remote workplace service
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Web browser usage

You can track specific program / application usage as well as time spent on specific websites. You can determine which websites your employees spend their time on, so if someone spends too much time on Facebook, WhatsApp or YouTube, you will know.


Our services notify your employees when they are distracted at work and indicate their downtime to keep them focused and active. We improve productivity and optimize times so that all tasks are completed in the appropriate time.


Managers receive daily and weekly reports with hours, websites and application usage, tasks and customer failures and more. These insights allow you to identify productivity weaknesses and make improvements.

Benefits of the remote workplace service for your company

The revolutionary practice of telecommuting brings with it a number of benefits and advantages that we can take advantage of both as a company and as employees. Do you have in mind to implement this work model? We tell you the benefits and advantages you have when opting for a telecommuting job.

Reduces absenteeism

One of the great advantages of this type of work is that your employees “attend” or “connect” to meet their schedules. This favors the company since its employees manage their work time according to their personal agenda, allowing them not to be absent from their work responsibilities.

Cost reduction

Our telecommuting service will allow you to reduce the costs of services, infrastructure and equipment by not having a physical workspace.

Real-time monitoring

By using this work modality, companies can keep track of their employees’ work and objectives. With our systems they will be able to receive information in real time of what is being done and what they are spending more time on.

Happy employees

Studies reveal that workers prefer to work from home, as they feel more at ease, can spend time with their families and in some cases improve their quality of life. From a corporate point of view, telecommuting builds loyalty among professionals.

Increased productivity

Adaptation of working hours according to personal needs. This provides a higher level of responsiveness to meet possible last minute unforeseen events in the agenda.

Reduced expenses

Telecommuting allows employees to save money on transportation and meals away from home.

Time convenience

Employees adopt their work schedules according to their personal agenda.

Less stress

Telecommuting can improve your standard of living by being able to work from home, an environment of security and emotional well-being…

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The best remote workplace service in California

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have found it necessary to implement a system that allows them to continue carrying out their daily activities without affecting their performance and productivity.

At Mireles Law Marketing we offer a telecommuting service in California that meets all the objectives of the companies, starting with keeping your environment fully managed, providing technical support 24 hours a day.

With our teleworking systems you will simplify your work environment, increase the productivity of your employees and optimize your processes, all this at a low cost. Put aside cumbersome management systems and inefficient processes, our system has the functionality you need to manage your employees’ time and tasks.

Look no further, invest in the best teleworking system in California, a secure system that has constant updates at a reasonable cost, we have monthly or annual plans that can be a great opportunity for your company.


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