Consumer and Customer Acquisition Service in California

We offer a consumer and client acquisition service in California. If you want to increase customer and client acquisition in your law firm you can contact us and find out more about this wonderful service.

What is the customer and consumer acquisition service?

Client and customer acquisition is a process and a necessary part of any business or law firm, as it is for lead generation marketing campaigns. Client and customer acquisition is a marketing process that successfully generates leads, using strategies to generate awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation and ultimately the purchase or acquisition of a service. 

We will find different ways and strategies to structure a customer and consumer acquisition campaign, some agencies perform a quick and simple campaign, leaving aside the research and interpretation of the processes in which potential customers are lost.

At Mireles Law Marketing we offer a client and customer acquisition service in California. We manage your lead generation campaign professionally and successfully, taking into account all aspects of the buying process a client goes through before purchasing a legal service.

We implement a comprehensive strategy to increase the number of clients acquired for your business. We work with you to identify specific ways in which you would like to focus on client acquisition so that your leads come from sources you are fully aware of and excited about.

We manage your customer acquisition strategy

At Mireles Law Marketing we want to help you implement a marketing and sales strategy to attract clients and clients to your law firm. We are specialists in the legal sector and our years of work with law firms and our experience support us.

Our goal is to grow your law firm, get more clients and increase your revenue as we know that your business has the potential to capture the interest of potential clients.

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Consumer acquisition services: the recruitment process

The customer and client acquisition process or also called the acquisition and sales funnel, as we mentioned before, is a process where people enter a path or stages within our funnel. In other words, a way to represent the sales process of your firm’s services, from the moment a person knows your brand until he/she purchases your service.

The funnel is divided into 3 main parts TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, parts and stages through which customers learn and relate differently with our law firm.

ToFU: Top of the Funnel

The ToFu is the top of the customer and consumer acquisition funnel. It is the first phase that people will go through, this stage aims to arouse curiosity and interest. In other words, demonstrate that the brand exists and that it can solve their problems. It aims to capture interested parties. Capture people’s data through web traffic or social networks.

MoFu: Middle of the Funnel

MoFu refers to “middle of the funnel”. At this stage the customer has already left their contact information, so it has shown interest, it is a person who might be willing to buy or purchase our services. In this part of the funnel we will aim to generate an interaction between the brand and the customer, we must show ourselves as specialists in the subject by providing content of high value and interest to our prospects.

BoFu: Bottom of the Funnel

The final stage of our customer and consumer acquisition funnel. It is the part where we will make the sale of our services. With targeted advertising strategies, promotions, discounts through email marketing, paid advertising, webinars, etc.

Why choose our customer and consumer acquisition service?

Our client and consumer acquisition services are different from other agencies. We are a company specialized in the legal sector with years of experience. We are a company that has fully trained professionals to make complex tasks transparent. We’ll fill you in on our client and customer acquisition strategy and you’ll see how effective our implementation methods are. We are not just another firm that sells marketing services, we are a professional firm specializing in the legal industry with owners in the legal industry. We aim to help law firms with our client and customer acquisition services.

We study the behavior and process of acquisition and consumption of services.

In order to obtain the best results in customer and consumer acquisition, we deeply study the behaviors of users before purchasing a product or service. In Mireles Law Marketing we define this buying process as a set of activities that people carry out when trying to buy a service (consumer buying process). We analyze, evaluate and act according to the actions of our users to determine what their needs and desires are, thus obtaining the best results for your law firm.

Increase your customer base

With our customer and consumer acquisition services you will be able to expand your customer base as well as your income. Contact us to request a quote according to your needs.


Acquire customers and consumers in automatic mode

We solve the problem of finding clients in this fierce legal market. Hire our client and consumer acquisition services and take your law firm to the next level.

Less margin for error, lower costs

With our client and consumer acquisition service you have everything under control, so nothing can go wrong. We have an efficient and above all affordable service for lawyers. Contact us for more information. 

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