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Mireles Law Marketing: Hispanic direct outreach for lawyers and law firms

Full-service marketing firm owned by attorneys. Provides law firms with leads that convert into clients, from recruitment (we set qualified appointments) to collection contracts (client retention) documents, accounts receivable.

Mireles Law Marketing is an attorney-owned, California-based client acquisition marketing firm. We are an advertising agency focused on multicultural marketing in the United States. Our mission is to help lawyers who want to grow online and offline, expand their business profitably and sustainably with digital marketing for lawyers and law firms.

Our agency will help you optimize your time and get more leads and visibility online. Forget traditional methods, we use digital marketing in an effective, efficient and profitable way for your law firm.

Agency specializing in digital marketing for lawyers and law firms with Latino or Hispanic reach.

Digital legal marketing is the technical tools to help lawyers attract clients on the internet. If you are a lawyer and you think you are losing hundreds of clients, serving only your law firm, we have the solution for you, we adapt digital marketing strategies to attract potential clients from the Hispanic market.

We are specialists in legal digital marketing, so we advise lawyers so they can attract potential clients on the internet. We are also dedicated to providing solutions to large law firms or freelancers who want to increase their client base and obtain a competitive position in the digital market.

Why choose Mireles Law Marketing digital for lawyers?

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we provide a specialized digital marketing service for law firms, we manage your internet project and we do a comprehensive digital marketing plan that includes different actions that will bring you more prospects and clients willing to work with your firm.

Our agency is formed by a team of professionals specialized in each area. They understand the need of your project and the actions required to scale your business in a progressive and safe way.

Services we can offer to your law firm

We optimize your law firm’s website so that you can appear at the top of Google searches.

We manage your digital advertising on different platforms. Get the best results with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Make your services known to the world with our digital marketing service for lawyers.

We design your custom website for your law firm. Manage everything that happens in your office in a simple way with your professional website.

Do you have problems with customer and consumer acquisition? Do not worry, we have the solution for you. Find out all about this great service for law firms.

Our paralegal work system can help you, your paralegal and above all your brand to grow and manage jobs quickly and easily.

We have the best designers and content creators for your social networks, advertising or brochures. Give a distinctive touch to your brand with our service.

Remote jobs? We have the best remote work system so you can take full advantage of this new modality.

We manage your social networks efficiently, applying best practices to create a community that you can then take advantage of to offer your services.

We carry out email marketing campaigns for law firms efficiently and with great results. Find out more about this service.

Manage your law firm’s workflow automatically and quickly with our best-of-breed CRM systems and automations.

Attorney Owned ethnic niche marketing company for law firms. Servicing the Latino market

What is ethnic marketing, what is its definition? We are an ethnic marketing company that addresses the marketing issues of this sector, but first of all… What is ethnic marketing, what is its definition? “Ethnic marketing consists in segmenting our public based on the characteristics of nature of some ethnic races of consumers and propose them products or services adapted to their physical and cultural characteristics”.  

If your target audience is in this sector, you should consider implementing an ethnic marketing strategy. Why? Because the ethnic market or also called multiethnic market behaves differently in the consumption of products or services with respect to the majority of the population. In Mireles Law Marketing we provide an ethnic marketing service in which we address the approaches and the problem of: If the origins intervene in the choice of a brand or in the process of buying or contracting a service.

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Ethnic niche marketing Hispanic Market Specialization

Increase your firm’s revenue by targeting the Hispanic market. The Hispanic market in the United States represents a business opportunity not yet exploited, increase the number of new clients and with it, increase the amount of income that can offer this sector with greater growth in recent years.

Front end services and products

At Mireles Law marketing we offer a front-end service targeted to Latinos in the United States, we target both the online and offline legal niche so that you can take full advantage of our services and get better performance and increased client flow. We take care of the creation and deployment, we have Latino Radio marketing databases, based on the type of case and target audience of each law firm.

Ethnic Marketing Services in USA California

Mireles Law is an ethnic marketing firm in California. We help your law firm get clients and potential clients from these demographics. We have ethnicity marketing consultants in California, contact us for free advice.

The Hispanic market is now an opportunity in the world of digital marketing

Given that the Hispanic population is now responsible for the majority of market growth in many areas, we believe brands should speak to and connect with Hispanics more efficiently. While many Hispanics are bilingual, the way they behave, shop and connect is totally different.

When it comes to acquiring a new customer, retaining a customer or selling a customer, incentive marketing is known to work. Today’s technology allows us to calculate people leads and use motivational verticals such as contests, games, bonuses, special pricing, to promote the sale of goods or services. Coupled with a state-of-the-art CRM and workflow platform, your investment will result in a solid lead conversion strategy that will increase your ROI.

Ethnic and legal marketing consulting

Mireles law consulting firm specializing in ethnical and legal digital marketing, we advise lawyers for client acquisition on the internet. We are dedicated exclusively to advise lawyers, whether large firms or freelancers who want to increase their client base.

We can help you attract Hispanic clients for the legal sector

Our digital marketing agency located in California can help you, we have countless successfully completed projects and a team of experts in legal digital marketing for lawyers that will adapt your goals to an effective digital marketing strategy to attract potential Spanish-speaking customers.

Tailor-Made online and offline marketing plans for lawyers

We develop customized digital marketing plans for lawyers, all focused on the objectives of the firm, to increase qualified clients and prospects.

To create an internet marketing plan, we need to analyze all the needs of the law firm, study the products, services and target audience in order to launch an effective internet marketing advertising campaign, which will allow you to attract customers looking for your services on the internet.

Looking for a digital marketing agency for lawyers in California?

We are an expert digital marketing agency for lawyers that seeks to help all law firms enhance their online brand. Our digital marketing plans include everything law firms need to grow and succeed online. Our main clients are law firms, law firms, legal advisors and consultants.

We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, advertising campaigns on Google Ads (SEM), advertising on social networks, graphic design advertising and creation of quality content for websites.

Request an audit in our digital marketing agency for lawyers

Don’t know where to start advertising your law firm? What is the best way to get the best performance from online marketing?

Ask for legal marketing advice without obligation! Contact us and a digital marketing consultant will contact you to learn about your business. We will prepare a detailed marketing proposal for lawyers in just 60 minutes.

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