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At Mireles Law Marketing we offer a specialized email marketing service for lawyers and we manage your campaigns at an affordable cost. Find out about the benefits of email marketing and how we can help you.

What is email marketing service for lawyers?

Email marketing for lawyers is the automation and sending of mass emails to a specific list of contacts (not spam). It is a tool that allows us to maintain direct contact and marketing with our clients and potential clients (leads). It is one of the “oldest” tools of digital marketing but still, it is the one that allows us to achieve more ROI (return on investment) and is one of the most effective today, with this tool we can target various purposes, but it is widely used with customer acquisition or customer loyalty objectives.

How is our email marketing service for lawyers?

In mireles law marketing we specialize in digital marketing and email marketing for lawyers, with a portfolio of more than 100 law firms that rely on our email automation services for lawyers, making experiences and measuring results of our clients.

Our email marketing service for lawyers consists of improving the relationship of your clients with the company, opting for non-invasive techniques, adapting the content for each consumer, as well as to publicize new products or services of the brand, promote loyalty, generate consumption habits, attract new customers and in many occasions repeat purchases.

Our email marketing services for lawyers include

  1. Campaign management: we provide an advisory service to launch your campaigns and manage them on your own, in case you do not have the necessary time, we manage and launch your email campaign.
  2. Design of emails: we design and produce corporate emails, whether newsletters, exclusive offers, invitations, news, surveys, etc.. All adapted to mobile, since 50% of emails are opened from a smartphone.
  3. Database management: we manage your database, placing filters and segmentation to each contact in your list.
  4. List purification: we perform a list cleaning, eliminating those contacts that are incorrect or that are no longer interested in your services.
  5. Follow-up and implementation of improvements in campaigns: we carry out an exhaustive follow-up of your campaigns, analyzing and implementing improvements in the different variants launched, looking for your campaigns to achieve the objective set at the beginning.
  6. Reporting and analysis: we generate a weekly report and analysis to inform you about how your campaigns are performing in terms of results.

Why should your law firm implement email marketing?

Many firms dismiss the use of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy for lawyers because it is often associated as a tool that spreads spam among their clients, but let me tell you, they are wrong. It is a powerful tool that you should use in your law firm. Why? We will tell you more about it below.

Email is one of the most widely used platforms in the world

One of the main reasons why your law firm should implement an email marketing strategy is because email is one of the preferred means by users on the internet to receive information from brands, as it is also one of the main platforms of internet use, above search engine searches, social networks and news. It is a massive media that allows us to have reach and exposure with just a few clicks, this is due to the use of smartphones that allow the review of emails quickly and with a high frequency.

Users are predisposed to receive our e-mails

By subscribing to our attorney email marketing list or newsletter, users are authorizing us to send emails to their personal inbox. This happens thanks to the opt-in provided in our subscription form, in some cases called “one-time confirmation”, a process by which we ask a user for permission to send marketing messages to their email. This is very powerful and is one of the best arguments we can mention as to why you should implement a digital email marketing strategy, since we are not sending messages to people who do not know us, who do not know the brand, but on the contrary, they know us and want to be aware of what is happening in our law firm.

They are users who voluntarily express that they want to know more about us, this is a great sales opportunity our your law firm, however, we must be aware of the emails we send and that we are not spamming.

The best conversion rate in digital marketing

Email marketing for lawyers is the platform that has the best conversion rate among all digital marketing practices, above organic conversions (SEO) and also above digital advertising. Studies reveal that for every dollar invested we are receiving 40 usd of return (ROI). The conversion rate obtained by these practices allow us to achieve a very favorable return on investment.

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Benefits of email marketing for lawyers

Email marketing for lawyers is part of an advertising and communication strategy. The advantages and benefits of using an email marketing service are many, it is a very profitable tool for law firms as it helps to improve sales of services and increases user participation at very low costs.

Personalized messages

Email marketing allows us to send personalized emails with the name of the users to speak professionally and efficiently to each of them. A great advantage, since other marketing tools are limited to these personalization functions.

Reduce operating expenses

As we mentioned earlier, email marketing is the communication channel that provides the highest return on investment (ROI). Therefore, we recommend reducing efforts in traditional marketing strategies that do not generate optimal results.

Segmented databases

Having a database is of vital importance. With email marketing tools we can segment our target audience and send targeted campaigns according to age, gender, geographic location or interest, which translates into increased conversions.

Profitable email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns for lawyers are the most profitable. Integrating an email marketing strategy will help you to get better results, attract new clients and above all, build loyalty with the ones you already have. In addition, it will help you boost your SEO, social media and content marketing strategies.

Better communication with the customer

Depending on the stage the client is in, we can generate personalized email marketing campaigns and improve communication with our client, so that they are aware of our services and future marketing strategies.

Tracking and analytics

In Mireles Law Marketing we use the best email marketing platforms, professional and very well developed that will allow us to display information of great importance for monitoring and analytical campaigns, which can be used in sales, promotions or advertising campaigns, as they detail accurate information from users.

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Specialized email marketing strategy for lawyers

In Mireles Law Marketing we sell your services through specialized and personalized email marketing for each law firm, before, we will establish a strategy according to your goals and needs. An email marketing strategy for lawyers is based on the objectives of each firm, what you want to achieve and what we will do to achieve it, such as increasing sales by 15%, increase subscribers or increase traffic from the newsletter or also called newsletter with an exclusive offer or free audit for subscribers.

We offer the best email marketing service for small law firms

In Mireles Law Marketing we offer the best email marketing service for lawyers and small law firms, our goal is to make your email marketing campaigns easy, fast and effective. We have a portfolio of clients who rely on our services, processing more than 1 million emails per month.

We offer the cheapest email marketing service for large lists.

Do you have a large customer database? Don’t worry, we will manage your database properly, so you can get the most out of all your prospects. We offer an inexpensive service, accessible to all those who have large lists of subscribers. Request information about the best email marketing plans and services for lawyers.

What are drip email marketing campaigns?

Drip campaigns or also called email automation campaigns are a way to improve engagement with subscribers. These campaigns aim to send a sequence of emails to a subscriber who performed a certain action on our website, newsletter or email.

For example: On our website we offer a free consultancy for those people who are going through a legal divorce, to get that free consultancy, first, you must subscribe to our subscriber list with your email and name.
After that action, the CRM will segment you in a list of “Interested in legal divorces” and you will be sent a sequence of emails with informative material about that topic.

Most likely, this person will think that we are specialists in the subject, will want to request an appointment and hire our services to solve their problems. If this type of campaign is not carried out, the visitor may request your free audit and never contact you again. That is why drip campaigns are important, as they increase the chances that visitors will become customers thanks to your email sequence.

What is A/B testing?

In email marketing, A/B tests are of great importance, as they allow us to find the perfect formula for our emails. A/B testing consists of sending emails with small variations to different groups of people in order to identify which title, which content or even which colors get the best responses. All kinds of tests can be performed, the question is to detect which ones work better than others. 

Does email marketing for lawyers really work?

Email marketing for lawyers really works. These tools are very favorable, but definitely, NOT anything we do in email marketing is going to yield favorable results. Why? Because email marketing works if other things work first.

The implementation of the campaigns plays an important role in this section, since it will depend on your work and that you comply with the best and good email marketing practices (opt-in database, quality content, reputable platforms, etc). That is why we recommend that you do not spend efforts and hire a specialist in email marketing for lawyers who can manage your campaigns professionally. Contact Mireles Law Marketing, we can help you get results with legal email marketing, we offer an email marketing service with the highest delivery and open rates.

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What are email marketing reports?

In Mireles Law Marketing we offer a specialized email marketing service for lawyers. The reports are details of metrics that allow us to measure the objectives and implement improvements on what is working and what is not. We provide weekly reports on how your campaigns are working in which we detail important metrics that every report should have. Here are some of them:

Delivery rate

Delivery rate is one of the important metrics we include in our reports. This metric allows us to visualize how many of the emails sent to our subscribers have reached their recipient correctly and how many have not.

Bounce rate

This rate shows the volume of emails sent that, for certain reasons, did not reach the recipient’s inbox. This allows us to modify our email marketing strategy so that emails arrive correctly.

Open rate

The open rate indicates the number of users who have received your message and subsequently opened it. This does not mean that we can see whether or not the user interacts with the content.

CTR (click-through rate)

Last but not least is the CTR. It is a metric that tells us the percentage of people who have clicked on at least one link in your email in relation to all the emails sent.

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