What is domain authority in SEO?

What is domain authority? How does it benefit my website? How does it harm me? Here are some important things you should know about domain authority and how it differs from page authority. Don’t miss this article!

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What is the domain authority of a website?

When we talk about domain authority, we are referring to the ability of a domain to be positioned in search engines. This is because search engines give more importance to certain domains when they are used for queries, either by their authority or by the number of links pointing to them.

Domain authority is one of the most important factors to take into account when it comes to improving the positioning of a website in search engines. If you have a domain with a higher authority, it is more likely to appear in the first results of queries. For this reason, it is important to work in all relevant areas to improve domain authority.

To improve the authority of a domain, it is necessary to work in several areas: content, on page SEO and off page SEO. In content, it is important to offer quality and original information that is useful to users. The design of your website must be attractive and optimized for search engines, on the other hand, the SEO on page must be well implemented. Finally, it is necessary to work on building links to the domain from other authority websites. Below we will go into more detail on some of these aspects so that you can learn more about the importance of domain authority in SEO.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority, which is more important?

Domain authority and page authority are two different factors in search engine ranking. Domain authority is important in general terms for ranking a site; however, it is not considered as relevant as content authority. Page authority, on the other hand, determines whether Google gives more importance to certain pages over others when they are related to the same topic. This directly influences positioning. The more relevant the page authority is, the higher its importance for Google search results.

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What factors affect domain authority and why?

The domain authority is a crucial element to carry out an SEO strategy, because the higher the authority means more relevance of the website, which translates into a better position in search engines.

Therefore, we want to show you some important factors that affect the authority of a domain and the positioning of a website. Without going any further, the main factors that affect this metric are the following:

  • The amount of links pointing to it, also called backlinks.
  • The length of time it has been indexed in search engines
  • Changes in the search engine algorithm
  • Internal linking or interlinking
  • The keywords for which it appears in the search results.


Authority is built over time. It is advisable to work daily on the positioning of a website to keep it in the first search results.


Which is better: buying domains with high traffic or with authority?

The first thing you should know is that buying a domain with a lot of authority does not mean that it is in the first positions of Google, which can confuse you. It is important to work on the positioning to improve the authority of the domain to reach the first results. If you are thinking of buying a domain, it is better to choose one with high authority. However, you should not forget that traffic is also important when determining whether a domain is good or not. Therefore, it is advisable to look for domains that have a balance between the two metrics. Most SEO experts recommend buying domains with already built authority. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a domain to position it, you can go to domain buying and selling services. These websites are in charge of selling and buying domains on behalf of the original owner.

What must we do to build and maintain our authority?

To build the authority of a domain, it takes time and perseverance. It is important to perform actions that improve the positioning of the site in search engines, such as the generation and publication of relevant content based on keywords, appropriate to the queries made in Google. To improve off page positioning, it is necessary to work on building links to the domain from other websites.

What tools to use to measure domain authorship?

There are many tools to measure domain authority and search engine rankings. It is best to use several of them to get an overall view.

To measure authority, you can use Moz, Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs . If you want to know the positioning of the site, use SEMRush , Google Chrome Statistics or Alexa Rank .

The most important thing when it comes to building and maintaining domain authority is to have patience and consistency. It is necessary to make constant actions that improve domain authority, such as generating and publishing relevant content based on keywords, interlinking and link building. To achieve these tasks it is advisable to have an appropriate SEO tool.

Knowing which are the main pages that appear in the results for your keyword allows us to know if we can compete or not for that space.

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SEO tips to get more authority for your website

The authority of a website is a very important aspect in positioning, and not only influences when searching with Google, but also social networks. For this reason, we will show you some tips to improve your authority in search engines and get better results.

Publish original and relevant content: If you want your domain to be stronger in search engines, it is necessary to publish original content on relevant topics. These should be easy for users to read and understand.

Optimize traffic: Another aspect that can be done to improve authority is to achieve a good number of visits to your website. To do this, it is advisable to use social networks and generate advertising strategies (we recommend Google Ads).

You have to be careful with keywords: The ideal is to find those keywords that have more search volume and that are related to the business. This way, it will be easier to appear in the first results of Google.

Work on off page positioning: Link building is a fundamental task to improve off page positioning. If you manage to get links from other websites, your authority will increase considerably.

Analyze the SERP: Analyzing the SERP (search results pages) will help you to know which are the main pages that appear in the results for your keyword. This will help you know whether or not you will be able to compete for that space.

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