Google ads for Lawyers: Basic Guide

Google Ads is a service that allows you to advertise your business online. Google Ads offer many advantages, such as incredible reach and the ability to run campaigns across multiple devices. In this guide, we will discuss what Google Ads are, how they work, and why they are beneficial for any business looking to increase revenue or grow their customer base. Don’t miss this great contribution on Google Ads for lawyers.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a way to advertise your law firm on the Google search engine. When an ad is created through Google Ads, it will show up as a sponsored listing at the top of Google’s natural or organic searches. The keywords you choose for these ads are what determine which listings appear when someone performs an online search with a particular keyword.

What are its benefits?

Some of the main benefits of using Google Ads include:

  1. You can target specific customers based on location, demographics and other factors
  2. Impressions can reach more than 90% of internet users worldwide
  3. Your brand message gets exposure across devices like mobile phones, laptops & tablets!
  4. Ad performance insights help you learn about your audience while improving your ads
  5. You can easily track your return on ad spend
  6. Higher reach, higher conversion rates and increased customer acquisition.

What is the display network?

The Google Display Network offers you a variety of options for placing Google ads all over the Internet. There are many different places within this network including

  1. Search partners: These include sites that people go to for information and entertainment, such as AOL, ABC News, and….
  2. Content sites: This is an example from our blog! These types of websites feature articles or other content related to what you’re advertising 
  3. Partner sites: Which includes YouTube channels as well as blogs that have partnered with us to monetize their traffic through Google Adsense. 
google ads for lawyers what is

What is the search network?

Google Ads also offers another option known as “Search Network” advertising. This type of advertising can appear on both desktop and mobile devices when users perform targeted keyword searches online. When someone performs a relevant query on the Google search bar or other related websites that have partnered with Google, they may see an ad for your business at the top of their results page…. These types of ads are displayed based on the keywords users choose during search, making them highly targeted. Search networks offer greater control over where and how often your ads appear.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases you choose to target when running an ad through Google Ads. These words must be related to your business and what you offer, so that they appear in searches relevant to your products or services. These keywords are included so that when a user performs a search, your ad can appear.

For example: Place the keyword “Immigration Lawyers” on the Google Ads platform.

The user at the time of a search for the same or similar will see your ad, because we have placed that keyword, otherwise our ad would not have appeared.

Types of keywords

There are different types of keywords that we can include within the platform, each of them fulfills a different function, that is, it will be displayed when it meets the requirements of that type of keyword.


These keywords will trigger ads if they include any of the terms chosen by the advertiser on multiple devices and websites in our network. We recommend starting with this option because there is no limit to the number of times your ad can appear…. giving customers more opportunities! But beware, your ad may be shown when you don’t want it to. You must use it wisely and for a specific purpose.

For example: If you include the keyword “Lawyers”. Your ad will be shown in all searches that contain this term.

Broad modified

These keywords will trigger ads if they include any of the terms chosen by the advertiser, but only when they are in a specific order. This option is ideal for people who want to focus on particular words within their ad…for example “women’s shoes” rather than just “shoes”.

Phrase match

This type of keyword matching makes it so your ad can show up when someone types in exactly what you’re looking for! For example, if you click phrase match and enter “red dresses”, then our system would choose queries that have those exact words together like: “red dress” or even just things with red being one word followed by different variations of dresses. It doesn’t mean however, that your ad will show up for queries that have red dresses in a different order…so you may need to use broad modified if this is the case.

Exact match

These keywords are specific and require that all chosen words be included exactly as entered by the user who performed the search. For example, the exact match “red dress” would only select searches where someone typed “red dress” into Google or any website related to our network in which makes it very specific but also limits the chances of people clicking on your ad. 

google ads basic guide for lawyers
google ads for lawyers

What are performance indicators?

Performance indicators help you measure how well your ads are doing so that you can make changes accordingly. Some examples include:


Important because google’s ad system charges you for every click your ad gets. This metric shows the amount of times our ad was clicked.


It shows the number of times people have seen your ads… so this is used to measure exposure, not so much engagement! This metric only counts the number of times your ad has been shown.


Also known as “click through rate” or the percentage of clicks out of all impressions. The higher the better here because it means more people are clicking on your ads and that’s what we want!

CPC (Cost per Click)

Amount Google will charge each time someone clicks on your ad. Since our main goal is to get customers into our stores, businesses should do their best to keep costs low with CPCs while making sure that enough customers see them through other performance metrics such as impression share (which we’ll talk about next). In other words, it shows the cost we are getting per click from our users.


Conversions are those in which someone actually makes a purchase or takes an action after seeing your ad. Google defines a conversion as an activity that is relevant and measurable to your business objectives. For example, if you have a bakery, this would mean that customers buy something from one of your stores, while for another type of business or a law firm it could be signing up for our newsletter or joining your mailing list, as well as sending an email or whatsapp. In any case, conversions can help businesses know what works well in terms of driving sales, so they are very useful for fine-tuning campaigns for maximum success. 

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Google ads for lawyers: We make your campaigns

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