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Facebook advertising for lawyers? What is it? With so many marketing channels for lawyers available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for your law firm. Facebook advertising may seem like a great option because of its popularity and effectiveness in reaching potential clients. This blog post will explain how lawyers can use Facebook ads as part of their strategy to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue for their business.

The average person spends more than 25 hours a week on Facebook. This is time you can use to reach potential clients and convert them into paying clients for your law firm. In this blog-post, we will explore the benefits of Facebook advertising and how it can be used as an effective marketing strategy for lawyers.

Customers through social networks: 3 ways to get them

What is Facebook advertising for lawyers?

Launching an advertising campaign on Facebook means getting directly in front of hundreds of millions of people every day who scroll through news feeds to see everything that’s going on around them, such as events happening nearby and new job openings they might be interested in. Facebook advertising can be used to reach potential customers who are your target audience. These ads will appear in the sidebar of a user’s Facebook feed and also in their newsfeed as sponsored content where they will have the opportunity to click and learn about the ad they are seeing. You can set up custom targeting options, such as location, gender, age range or interests, which means you will only show these ads to people who would potentially find them interesting, in other words, your ideal customer.

You may think this doesn’t make sense for lawyers because law firms don’t typically use social media marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As soon as lawyers start investing time in making connections with prospective clients, they see how valuable Facebook can be for generating revenue.

Why use Facebook ads to advertise my law firm?

You should use FB Ads for the simple fact that you are targeting your ads to people who want or need your services. Facebook Ads targeting is a powerful tool that allows us to reach whoever we want. What it does is to show our ad to the category of people we have defined.
How does it do it? Facebook has an incredible amount of information of all its users, this facilitates the segmentation and direct advertising to a very well-defined audience.
Therefore, if you want to target an ad to potential customers who have specific characteristics, Facebook Ads is the best way to advertise at a low price.

fb ads for attorneys

Benefits and advantages of facebook advertising for lawyers

Reach potential customers who are interested in your content and services

On Facebook we will find different objectives and ways to advertise on this platform. One of them is to share content to increase interaction and followers of the company's fan page, an effective way to reach potential customers who are interested in our content. A great advantage that this advertising platform offers us, since it also allows us to increase brand recognition with quality content.

Create targeted ads using personalized targeting options

Advertising segmented by interests, age, gender and location, allows us to connect with potential customers who might be interested in our content and services. It is an easy, effective and helpful way to advertise. Since we will be placing our efforts in showing the content to our potential customer and not to people who are not interested in our products or services.

Increase conversion rates to generate more revenue:

Targeted advertising, as mentioned in the previous point, allows us to reach our ideal customer. In addition to this, it will help us reduce advertising costs and increase conversion rates. It is a low-cost advertising platform with which you can get great results.

6 Tips you can apply on facebook for your law firm

Many lawyers hesitate to use Facebook marketing because they don’t know how it works. The good news is that with a few simple tips and tricks, you can become an expert in no time. Here are some of the most important things to remember when trying to increase your conversion rates through Facebook:

  1. “Post Engagement” ads are used to increase “likes”, “shares” and “comments” on your posts, and are the best type of advertising for lawyers because you will be able to reach potential clients who may find your content interesting. Keep in mind that these types of ads will only show if someone is already engaged with one of your recent posts before seeing this ad, so make sure all new updates are relevant.
  2. Use custom targeting options, such as location, gender, age range or interests, when setting up an ad to only show to people who potentially find it interesting. This ensures that even if potential clients have not engaged with law firms directly before, they may now see a publication of yours that they would not have seen before and be interested.
  3. “Link Clicks” ads are used to drive traffic from Facebook users directly to your website, email or landing page. These types of ads are relatively inexpensive compared to others, making them a great type for attorneys who advertise on social media and want to increase their web traffic.
  4. Using attention-grabbing images on facebook is one of the most important factors. If your advertising image does not attract attention, your target audience will not see it. You should try to be as creative as possible so that the user, when they are scrolling through the Facebook application, can stop and read your ad.
  5. Create compelling ad copy that provides value by solving their problems or frequently asked questions that your audience has about a specific topic. This will show you as a professional and they will not hesitate to contact you to solve their legal case.
  6. Make sure you have a clear call to action so people know what you want them to do. The call to action must be present, as it will tell them what is the next step your target client should take. On the platform you will find different options, use the one that best suits your ad.

Do you need help from a specialist in Facebook Ads for lawyers?

Don’t have time to manage and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns? Schedule a consultation with our group of specialists, who will keep up with the ever-changing needs of prospective clients. If you are a legal professional looking to increase your visibility on this popular social network, contact us today for more information or a quote for an advertising campaign on FB ads. We are specialists in the legal sector. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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