Tips for creating a legal website

Are you planning to create a website for your law firm? Or are you going to hire someone to do it? If you still don’t know how to do it optimally, we share with you the tips for creating a legal website. In this section we will tell you what are the factors you should take into account when creating your website for your law firm.

what to consider when creating a legal website

Tips for creating a legal website: What should I take into account?

If you want to create a professional looking business website featuring your products and services, you should look for a quality website design. You want your website to be attractive and easy to navigate, so that people know how professional you are and, in turn, how willing you are to sell them your services. Here are five things to keep in mind when looking for a website design for your law firm.

To contract a domain name and hosting

One of the tips for creating a legal website is to contract a domain name ( and hosting (web hosting) to be able to start with your online business card (website or web page).

There are different domain extensions, both .com .net .org and other variants for different countries such as you should know that this factor does not affect much in the web positioning, but in its location. If your law firm will offer services in Mexico, it would be advisable to hire a domain with extension.

Additionally, you must secure the space where the files that will shape your online site will be stored. This is called web hosting.

Many companies offer domain and hosting packages at good prices. You only have to find out the prices and benefits that each one of them provides, as well as if they offer a backup service of experts in construction and administration of web pages.

In order for you to choose the plan according to the purpose of your website, check the options available in the market. For example, the price of hosting will depend on the traffic you plan to receive, or if it includes a website builder system (see next point), or if you add email accounts. There are companies like

important factors to consider when creating a legal website
what to consider when creating a legal website

Color scheme

A website with a personality of its own: your brand. Color scheme is an important element of web design and one of the most important things to look out for. Choosing the right color scheme can determine whether your website impresses people or not. If you choose the wrong color scheme, there is a chance that people will abandon your website and go elsewhere.

The right color scheme is one where the text and background colors blend together. Don’t choose a color that is not appropriate for the website and is difficult to read. Don’t make the text hard to read because you want to sell products and you want to catch people’s attention.

Graphics and images

Another tip for creating a legal website is images and graphics, which enhance the appearance of the website and are an important part of the design. If you have images, graphics and text, you are all set, however, if you have images and text, it can take away from the value of the website, because people have different attention spans and may not read everything that is on your website.

Navigation buttons and header graphics are a plus. The header is a graphic that pulls away from the main content and is an important part of the design because people are looking for information, not design. If you have navigation buttons that don’t fit within the website, they need to be redesigned and you may want to rethink the color scheme and size of the buttons.

Site functionality and navigation

You should always make sure that your website has features that are functional, where they go and how to get to them. Navigation is a crucial part of the website because without it, people are bound to leave your website if they can’t find their way back to the home page. Also, always keep the content on the home page and make it easy to find. For example, you can have a page on your site that talks about your company and features testimonials from customers who have purchased your products. Don’t put your corporate information on the informational page and let people take a look at your website when they are ready to buy products and services. You may think it’s unfair to readers that they have to come back every time they want to see your products, but trust me, it’s much more advantageous to you and your business.

Navigation flow

The structure of your website should be clear and intuitive, so that visitors can navigate smoothly through the home page and internal pages, using the main menu or internal links.

Content hierarchy

A consistent content hierarchy guides your visitors through your page content in the order that works best for you. The most crucial aspects should be the most important and this should be clearly reflected in the design.


What's the point of having a website if the content is not readable at all. As mentioned above, make sure you use readable fonts that are properly sized and whose colors contrast well with the background colors. So that they have enough "white space" around the text.

Calls to action and footer

CTAs are the messages that invite surfers to perform direct actions such as "call us today" or "click here". In short, they tell users what you want them to do. The footer, also known as the footer, is an area not immediately seen by visitors, but can be used in many ways to enhance functionality. For example, you can add buttons that link to your social media channels, display a map of your business location, or information about your company, etc.

legal web design
tips for creating a legal website in california

Search engine optimization (SEO).

These are just some of the important factors to keep in mind when creating a lay website. You should also make sure your website is SEO friendly. If you give search engines the information they need to index your website, they will send you traffic. To get enough traffic you need to make sure your website is well designed, with all the necessary tools, content and features. Also, you have to be careful to avoid some web design mistakes, which will drive your visitors away. Your website can be effective with just the tips and skills you have learned.

Well, if you want your site to appear at the top of search engines like Google or Bing, before launching it, you must make sure it has a focus on SEO.

In online marketing, SEO is the most effective tool to increase traffic. Its main elements are the following: Keyword research, Alt Text, Link building

Tips for creating a legal website: Conclusion

We have shared with you the best tips for creating a legal website. I know it can be hard to think of all the things to include when creating a website. But keep in mind that it is important to have a unique website that can compete with your competitors in the marketplace. This will ensure that your visitors have a great experience and know exactly what they are getting into. If you are not yet ready to create your legal website, you can contact a professional at Mireles Law Marketing who can help you through the process. We are specialists in legal marketing, we can boost your brand online.

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