Landing Page for lawyers: Why have one?

There is nothing like the satisfaction of having thousands of people paying for your product or service. However, for that satisfaction to become tangible, you need to get visitors to your website as soon as possible. And to achieve this, you need a landing page. What is a landing page for lawyers? A landing page can be just the first step towards the ultimate goal: capturing the hearts and minds of the potential user with every click.

landing page for lawyers

What is a landing page for Attorneys?

A landing page is a web site that functions as a landing page where the user stays to get more information about your product or service.

Why do I need one?

It is important to have different portals depending on the objective you have, for example: if you are looking to capture potential customers and offer them something for free (for example valuable content), then you need to choose to do it with subscription through a landing page. As well, if you are looking to sell directly from the portal and you don’t want them to take anything for free from the website, then, in both occasions, you need a landing page.

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

A website is everything your website has: The valuable information about your product or service, the elements to buy it or contact us, as well as other sections of the website. A landing page is the portal that allows you to capture the user and keep their interest in a single section, optimized for a single objective, to attract customers or sell a service.

What is the purpose of a landing page?

The primary objective in creating your website, whatever its content or purpose, will always be to convert customers, no matter if it is a website to sell, to inform them about your products or services or simply to generate expectation! All we want to achieve with the people who visit our site is to convert them into customers.

langind page for lawyers

Can a landing page be a home page?

Of course it can! Just as the primary objective is still to achieve conversion, the important thing is to give the user all the necessary information to do so: to offer you with each click and not get stuck looking for more info about the product or service. This is why we must include elements such as valuable content (tips about your site or any product), a way to contact you (urgent) and elements to buy the product online.

How to create a WINNING landing page for lawyers?

Creating a winning landing page for lawyers is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, there are certain critical aspects to keep in mind when developing it that guarantee good results. The most essential things to keep in mind are the following points that you should include in your landing page:

Targeting the landing page on a specific topic

Compared to websites, landing pages focus on a specific topic. Therefore, they should have unique objectives. Keep in mind that when visitors arrive at your landing page, they should find all the necessary information about what you are offering them, without distractions that distract them from your goal. It is not that you prepare the design as if it were a separate website. In fact, the best thing to do is to eliminate menus, sections, and anything else that might distract the user from the objective on arrival. He's been there because you've interested him; now you need to educate, persuade, and convert in his favor.

Collect information from your users

It is worth bearing in mind that, due to their greater effectiveness in website analysis, landing pages are used more frequently. In addition, thanks to their use, we are more likely to collect visitors' personal data. This allows us to obtain more specific information about these users. It gives you the possibility to reach them electronically or by SMS in a more direct and personal way. How can I receive the data? You simply create a simple or personalized form on your landing page. But, in order for the visitor to feel attracted and provide you with what you request, you have to offer an attractive offer. Try to avoid putting too many fields, because it could overwhelm the user. Another way to collect customer data and use it for future campaigns is through tracking codes like Google Ads, Google Analitycs and Facebook Pixel that are inserted into the code of your web page.

Analyze every aspect of your landing page.

Once you have the information about your potential customers, it will be much easier to analyze what kind of material is attractive and effective in attracting them and converting them into customers. This is critical, as knowing these results allows you to see what works and what needs to be improved. These analytics will allow your law firm to continue to create content that attracts visitors. In addition, you can engage in the development of materials that are tailored to the different stages of the client process with access to the registry.

Add a FAQ section

Users often have similar questions when they request a service of this type. Therefore, it is convenient to provide answers to their questions without them having to contact you. The goal is that you can be one step ahead to show the other person that you know what they need and will be able to solve it.

Eliminate distracting elements from your lawyer landing page.

In addition, you need to limit the distracting elements on your landing page. In this sense, it is about avoiding all those unwanted elements such as banners or external advertising to the landing page; because they can lead the visitor out of the site without really wanting to leave.

What are the key components of a landing page for lawyers?

It must be attractive, easy and intuitive. In addition, content is valuable in a perfect landing page, to hook the new user and make him feel comfortable. Aesthetics also play an important role, since we must capture the user’s attention quickly.

As for the key aspects of your website there are many things to consider before and after the development of your website, but the following should be highlighted:

  1. Content is valuable on a landing page, it increases the chances of hooking the user.

  2. An attractive design can sometimes make all the difference and most importantly do not forget the primary objective: to convert customers.

  3. The landing page is in charge of controlling the conversion and for this you have to give the user all the necessary information before they finish their internet search.

Benefits of having a landing page for lawyers

  1. Increase conversions to client by paying for ads.
  2. Boost the SEO of your website and get better organic positioning in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  3. Generate leads by paying low cost to boost sales with successful campaigns.
  4. Unify all the digital media you have to offer a complete service to the end customer when they contact you.
  5. Personalize data to know what your customers need and offer them concrete solutions.
  6. Gather information about the type of website that is most effective at each stage of the commercial process or the phase where your potential user is.

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