Podcasts Legal: Everything you need to know to implement one.

Legal podcasts are a great way to reach out to your clients and prospects. Legal podcasters are knowledgeable about legal topics, which can help educate listeners on various laws that impact them. There are many benefits of launching a legal podcast including increased reach, credibility, SEO ranking potential, thought leadership, brand awareness and more! The first step is the setup – you’ll need equipment like an audio recorder or microphone as well as software for recording and editing. This blog post will go into detail about what you’ll need in order to create your own successful legal podcast!

legal podcasts

What is a legal podcast?

A podcast is an on-demand audio broadcast channel that can be listened to whenever and wherever we want, we can stop it and listen to it again as many times as necessary. This type of content has become very popular on the Internet. They have a specific theme, duration and format.

4 Benefits of implementing a legal podcats:

Increased reach

Launching a legal podcast has the advantage of increasing your reach, as it allows you to increase your digital communication channels with your clients and with those who are not yet clients, thus becoming another sales and prospecting channel for your law firm.


Increasing your credibility and professionalism is another advantage that a legal podcast can offer you. By specializing in a topic or area, you can talk in depth about it and show yourself as a professional in the area, serious, who understands the subject and is not a novice.


A legal podcast allows you to enhance the positioning of your website, it is another channel to direct traffic to your website and they can perform a certain action on it, such as downloading a guide that you prepared and capture the data of that audience to then be used in other digital marketing strategies.


It is an ideal platform to teach your potential clients, to teach and retain the clients you already have. They are an excellent way to get intimate with the people who are listening to you, this allows you to humanize your brand. In addition, it is a different way to connect with customers, attract new ones and make the process of selling services easier, allowing you to warm up the lead that doesn’t know you, so that they hire you and hire you again.

How to make the best legal podcasts?

After reading about the benefits of a legal podcast you are thinking about how to launch one? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it.


The first step in launching a legal podcast is planning and preparing the topic. What is your podcast going to be about, what are you going to talk about and offer to your listeners? We recommend that you look for a topic that you like or an area in which you specialize to add value, knowledge and present yourself as a specialist to your listeners. Add value!


There are different formats, each one depending on what the audience likes. It can be an interview format, group or legal news of the week or month. You can find different formats within the same interest (legal). Are you going to speak alone? With more people? Will it be an interview? You can combine it for a greater variety, but you must plan it in advance.


You must determine the duration of the podcast so that your listeners do not lose the thread. We recommend no more than an hour.


You don’t need technical knowledge, nor a lot of money, you can set it up with your phone, with no need of investment. You will need equipment such as an audio recorder or a microphone, as well as software for recording and editing that can come pre-installed on a cell phone.

How to advertise it where should I upload it?

If you need help with these questions and many others, you can contact us, we have a free consultancy to help you in the digital area you need. Send us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible to help you!

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