Google My Business for lawyers: How to make the most of it

Google My Business is a powerful tool for lawyers. You can use it to create listings, manage reviews, and more! This article will tell you everything you need to know about google my business for lawyers. We’ll discuss what google my business is, how to get the most out of this tool, how to create a profile for your law firm, and why google my business could benefit your company.

What is Google My Business for Lawyers?

It’s a link between Google My Business and Google Maps that connects any business with a physical presence. It’s a free and easy tool for Google users that allows them to create profiles of the businesses they represent. Best of all? You don’t have to have your own website or invest a lot in marketing because this service does everything you need.

The user profile is like a business card. It provides Google with information that can help them pinpoint the location and industry of a particular business, as well as within a particular geographic location. It will then be up to customers to supplement this data by adding reviews of their own experience of using the service; however, these are prone to be false or malicious reviews which GOOGLE staff fight against on a daily basis.

When a user performs a search on the Internet for “divorce lawyer”, Google shows the profile of law firms that are nearby. It doesn’t matter if you search from California or Texas, although there will be different results depending on the city you choose as your location.

How to register my office in Google My Business?

Once you have logged in to Google My Business, the first thing you need to do is enter basic information about your business. It is recommended that you do not omit any information on this page, so make sure that everything has been entered correctly before continuing with the registration. You will be asked for the company name/title (i.e. Mr./Mrs.), country of origin or country of residence if outside our local area codes, address(es) including zip code(s) where services are offered and phone number(s).

After that you have to wait a few days to receive your PIN letter. The postal address of the business will be sent to you by mail and if you want to activate them quickly you can do it by phone.

How do I know if my firm is active on Google My Business?

A simple Google search will tell you if they have registered their business. Just type in the name of your law firm and it should come up with all the contact information, including opening hours for appointments, as well as reviews from other clients about their experience there. If not, you need to create an account.

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What to include in a Google My Business profile for lawyers?

Google My Business requires some vital data to be uploaded in order for Google to approve your profile. Your name (or your law firm’s name), address (including zip code), phone number(s), and email address are required fields in the “Basic Information” section. Google will not allow users to create accounts using temporary email addresses or phone numbers.

Some information you should include so that Google can rank your listing higher in the search results:

  1. Include a professional photo on the first pageย 
  2. Fill in all information about yourself or your company as completely as possibleย 
  3. Have an original link to the website that is active with working contact numbers/email addresses.ย 
  4. Upload photos of your office, staff members and more.
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How to get the most out of google my business for lawyers

Google My Business has many benefits, one being that it can help improve your search engine rankings! If customers are searching for a lawyer in their area and they find several listings with information on google, chances are they will choose yours over others if yours looks more reputable.ย 

Reviews and ratings

When a client is looking to hire a lawyer they look at your reputation, so it’s important to have reviews on Google My Business. The best way to get them is to contact existing clients and ask if you can request reviews on the business card in person or by email – never fall for buying fake positive reviews, as these have become easier than ever with hacks now occurring more frequently thanks to google’s sophisticated spam systems that could even damage your online visibility.

Publication of events or news

Tool that allows you to publish information about certain services or events. This will allow Google to see your event page as up-to-date and valuable, so they may appreciate it more when displaying results in their search engine. Another great use of this feature would be to draw the attention of potential customers by talking specifically about a service they might be interested in.

Updated Google My Business listing

It is important that your business’ online presence is updated from time to time. Google My Business listings are constantly evolving, which means it’s time to take advantage of all these opportunities. To give your business more exposure through internet searches, make sure that the information on this page always has fresh copy with updated content so that customers know exactly when it is worth their visit.

Benefits of google my business

Google My Business benefits attorneys in many ways, including improved search engine rankings, online marketing opportunities, increased visibility to local clients/potential clients, etc. If clients are looking for a legal professional, they are most likely looking for someone near them, so it is important that these individuals can easily locate those professionals through their search results pages. This is where Google comes into play with its powerful tool called Google My Business.

  1. Google ranks your law firms website more efficiently
  2. Google reviews help improve your online presence and credibility.
  3. Increases contact channels.
  4. Significant increase in clients

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