Top 6 SEO Strategy for Beginning Lawyers

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is necessary for every firm to maintain a high level of competition in Internet and search engine results. You are probably asking yourself, why? This is because it is impossible to survive and compete on the Internet without a good amount of traffic, either organic or paid. One of the most popular ways to attract traffic to a website is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a technique that has been developed to give a website a better ranking in search engine results. If you are a law firm, then you know that your responsibility is to implement an SEO strategy for beginner lawyers that can attract good traffic and improve the ranking of your firm’s website. In this section we show you some basics that you can cover that will boost your search engine traffic.

SEO strategy for beginner lawyers
SEO strategy for beginner lawyers

1- Optimize and target long tail keywords.

To optimize the SEO of your lawyer website, it is necessary to have the right keywords on your site. Keywords play an important role in the optimization process. These are the words that people type when they search for a certain information, a certain service or a certain brand in search engines to find out about that product or service or in some cases to make a contract or purchase. Once the query has been made, Google returns the most relevant results for the search performed, taking into account more than 150 content classification factors. So it is very important and always best to choose the most relevant keywords that match your product or service.
Long tail keywords are the keywords that we recommend you to include in your website, as they are less competitive. You are probably wondering, if they are the least competitive, does that mean they have less searches? Yes, that’s right, but this will allow you to position yourself for those keywords and then implement a strategy that attacks more competitive keywords with more searches. What are you waiting for to add long tail keywords in your website content? Do it! You’ll have a better chance of converting organic traffic into customers.

2- Create your Google My Business listing

One of the best SEO strategy for beginner lawyers as well as digital marketing is to have a 100% optimized Google My Business listing. This is a tool provided by Google which allows us to provide information about our law firm to all users and Google algorithms, about our location, areas of expertise, opening and closing hours, reviews, photos and all this for free.

How does this benefit you? Google My Business listings are ideal for local SEO, which will allow you to increase your visits and bring credibility to your project in a particular area. On the other hand, these Google listings appear on Google maps, which will increase your exposure and presence in search engines.
You only have to log in with your Google account and fill in the data of your company, these cards, if they are optimized, usually appear at the top of the search results for local searches.

SEO strategy for beginner lawyers

3- Try to understand search intentions

Trying to understand the search intentions of your potential customers is one of the key factors for SEO. What is search intent? The search intent is what the user wants to find when searching in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube or others.

We must pay close attention to them because the search intent shows what the user wants to find on the web when using search engines, the user at all times wants to solve a need, so understanding the intentions goes beyond adding a keyword.

We must try to understand and interpret what the user wants to find, then create relevant content that solves that question or need. There are different types of search intent such as “transactional” and “informational” Google, depending on the intent, will return different results for each search. It is important that you pay attention to the search intent of your potential customers.

4- Research relevant keywords with free tools

It is important that you choose the keywords you want to rank for and implement them strategically. How do you find and choose keywords for your law firm? Don’t worry, we have prepared this article to help you improve your SEO with very effective tools that are totally free.

One of the keyword research tools is Google Ads, the company has a tool that allows us to visualize the search volume, the difficulty of positioning and many other relevant data. To use it, you must create an account on this platform and enter the “tools and configuration” section and then “keyword panner”.

The following tools that we will name are paid, although some have a free version for 7 days, with which you can take advantage of it for your keyword research. Some of them are: KeywordTool, AHref, Ubersuggest, Moz, SEMrush.

One of the best SEO strategy for beginner lawyers is to look for words with a good search volume but without too much competition. It would be advisable to target long tail keywords, such as “immigration lawyers” or “lawyer service in Ontario california” and the like.
You can choose your keywords according to these tips. Keep in mind that you should have very specific keywords, be careful in choosing them and try to have a good conversion rate. The above steps can help you find the right keywords for your site.
Follow these steps and you will surely become an SEO expert. It is always better to do a little research for your task.

5- Choose main (and related) keywords for each page

Another of the best SEO strategy for beginner lawyers is to choose a main keyword and use it in paragraphs and titles (as well as related ones). The main keyword is the keyword for which we want to rank on a certain page. To do this, we must correctly choose the main keyword to be positioned and the supporting keywords, which will help us to position the main one. We must study whether it has a sufficiently high volume of searches and its competition.

Related keywords are synonyms of the main keyword. Google does not want texts where the keyword to be positioned is repeated without sense, but clear texts rich in semantics. This type of keywords will give strength to our main keyword and will expand the range of results for which our content appears.

6- Optimize your title tags and eye-catching meta descriptions

Having your title tags and meta descriptions optimized is important for Google to understand what our website is about, as well as the users. It is one of the best factors and seo strategies for beginner lawyers that you should take advantage of. Optimizing eye-catching titles and descriptions will help your pages rank higher in Google (although meta descriptions do not affect SEO rankings, making them eye-catching will attract many more clicks).

If you leave the meta descriptions blank, Google will extract the content of your page directly and display the first few lines of content from the post. If you want to control the text that Google displays in searches, it is advisable to write your own descriptions.


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