7 secrets of email marketing for law firms

A person’s email is something personal, intimate and direct; therefore, reaching it without the user’s consent will be taken as spam. But if, on the contrary, the user wants you to be in their inbox, you will have found the best strategy to sell your services online, that is why we have prepared this article so you can apply the 7 secrets of email marketing for law firms and make the most of its benefits.

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective digital marketing strategies you will find today, with a very high return on investment. That is why it is important that you take into account the following 7 email marketing secrets for law firms to build an effective communication system.

secrets of email marketing for attorneys

1. Plan, don't improvise

One of the main secrets of email marketing for law firms. When launching your email marketing campaigns, you must have the entire email automation process planned. It is important not to improvise on the fly, as it will not be pleasant for your strategy and much less for you that you will have to be researching daily to send emails to each of your users.

From Mireles Law Marketing we recommend that you design a graph with the sequence of emails for each type of subscriber, which emails will be sent if one of your sequence is not opened, what content you will send and especially every how many days they will be receiving your emails. The more you plan, the more benefits you will have.

2. Make your emails mysterious

Being mysterious in the subjects of your emails will generate intrigue, interest, so your emails will be opened much more, your users will want to know what the email is about.
There is no doubt that curiosity provides a stimulus to action that should not be underestimated. To encourage click-through, therefore, why not play on the mystery and propose a special offer that will only be discovered by clicking on the email?

secrets of email marketing for law firms in California

3. Segmentation improves the quality of your list

The results of your email marketing campaigns will depend on the quality of your list, it is important that you carry out a segmentation prior to contact acquisition. You are not interested in just any subscriber, but only in those who may be interested in your legal services or those who are interested in a specific service, such as immigration. It is important that this subscriber is included in a list of contacts interested in this topic and that you send them related emails of interest to them.

Do not send your campaigns to all your subscribers. Think about which of your subscribers will be interested in your mailing before sending it.

4. Take care of every detail of your emails.

Another email marketing secret for law firms is to experiment with formats. Think carefully about each subject line, what you write in the body of the message, the pictures you include and add a call to action. Choosing the right email design is essential to ensure success. Therefore, and to prevent our subscribers from getting bored of our emails, caused by a template that is always the same, try to vary the format of the communications:

Graphics: with beautiful images well in sight and the text in few lines. In general, it is very attractive for the B2C public.

Texts: With very limited images and a layout similar to the “personal” e-mails that we write every day “in our own handwriting”. They are preferred by many in the B2B environment.

Videos: To give movement and emphasis to the contents. You can also add animated gifs.

5. Remail marketing

The fifth secrets of email marketing for law firms. A/B testing in email marketing is a forwarding practice, which although it is not the same as a test, it is somewhat similar. It is about resending an email that you have sent to your users before and that has worked well or obtained good results.

You don’t have to duplicate the content of the email, just make slight changes to make it look a little different, but in the end it would still be the same content that worked very well for your consumers some time ago. Take advantage of all the statistical information provided by your email marketing platform and draw conclusions. It will help your campaigns to be more and more effective.

6. Add calls to action

In our emails it is important to call the attention of our prospects, but we must not forget the purpose of our emails, since in some cases it is easy to forget the initial intention of our campaigns.

That’s why it’s important to remind them that “you have a free consultation pending” or “you have a promotion pending to take advantage of”. A clever subject line can improve your open rate, but to increase engagement, you must increase your click-through rate or the percentage of subscribers who follow email links to your website. This is where you will need a call to action.

A call to action can be as easy as a simple direct request. Making calls to action concise can read like “Click here to download your free guide”. Secrets of email marketing for law firms that you should take full advantage of.

7. Sexy and persuasive writing

Another of the secrets of email marketing for law firms. Many people and large companies make the mistake of sending you “nice and fancy” promotions and flyers, but they have no intention of generating genuine value or simply a more direct or persuasive communication.
The best way to grow your business is to communicate directly with your prospects, imagining that we are offering that promotion to our friend.

Writing your messages in a persuasive language will bring you great benefits, highlight strong messages, use emojis or colors to capture the attention of your readers.

We are experts in email marketing for law firms

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