User experience: Everything you need to know

Today’s businesses are receiving a wealth of information about consumers and their needs. That’s why many are looking for new ways to extend the reach of their target audience. The problem is that many do not realize the impact that the user experience has on the purchase or purchase of services and abandon the unimportant details, as if it were a project with little budget or short term. In this short article we inform you about some important aspects of user experience or UX.

user experience benefits

What is user experience?

User experience refers to all those details that the customer sees, perceives and experiences as a result of the product or service. It encompasses how a website works, how easy they can find relevant information about your business, whether they like your designs, how they feel about using your service and whether they like working with them.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

UX refers to End User Experience, while UI is the design and interface of the website. Thus UX represents how users experience a product or service after they have used it to satisfy their needs. UI, on the other hand, stands for Usable Interface and includes visual elements such as buttons or infographics as well as natural language text in digital format. Although both share similar functions, they are not the same thing and are not interrelated.

Benefits of UX

  1. Have a high proportion of the user coming back.
  2. That the user makes the conversion you are looking for.
  3. That the user recommends your website to others.
  4. Increase your organic positioning, therefore more traffic.
  5. Increase sales and customer or user loyalty…
  6. Increase customers or users. …
  7. Better use of resources and reduction of personnel costs.
  8. Reduction of complaints and claims.

Why is it important for companies to consider the End User Experience?

A study recently published by Google indicated that people prefer to pay more for a product or service where the user experience is the best possible. Even if the prices are not too different. Some buyers feel that this way they will get more investment in their purchase and therefore more value.

This means that if there is not a good design or end user experience for your website, many customers will be frustrated with the site and probably look for something better. In addition to price it reflects the actual sales process and directly influences the bottom line. If the User Experience is negative they will be looking through you ignoring competitive offers and prices.

How does it benefit companies to take into account the End User Experience?

The End User Experience has a direct impact on the performance of the website and therefore can also be reflected in the statistics. The data we can obtain is very accurate as there is no doubt about the quality or experience received by customers. That is why it is important to use it as a tool to make decisions about what to do with your business using personalized and relevant information to attract new customers and increase the satisfaction of existing ones.

How can I get End User Experience for my website?

There are several ways in which a good User Experience can be made, but some details are more important and must be taken into account if we want to achieve optimal results:

Design and relevant information: although it is true that the first thing to achieve positive experiences is the design, this makes no sense without relevant and useful information for customers. An excellent User Experience is one in which every impression, action and interaction of the visitor with the website is directed to the final objective. Therefore, they should always know what to do next or where to go if they are lost without any external help.

Optimize early pages: When a user first arrives on your site there are several pages that are shown to them. Therefore, it is important to optimize these points to make sure that the visitor will be well served and get all the necessary information about your company or product.

Social Media Experience: A good End User Experience means a constant flow of communications with customers to keep them attentive and interested in your promotions as well as quick responses to any concerns. In this sense, social networks are a good tool as they can give them access to your User Experience and send you useful information without the need to visit the website.

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