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Creating a digital marketing plan for lawyers and for any business starting out on the Internet is of vital importance. Why? How do I do it? We answer and detail everything in this brief article.

Currently, the technological platforms that allow us to transmit information (social networks, emails, blogs, websites, among others) have grown exponentially over the years, developing more fully and optimizing the passage of information through the network. Digital Marketing is a new strategy that allows us to offer services and products to the world around us, using mainly digital media. Digital Marketing for lawyers is a new tool that allows legal advisors to make our firm and the services we provide known in certain situations.

legal marketing digital plan in california
legal digital marketing plan

What is a digital marketing plan for lawyers?

As lawyers, we must update ourselves in the digital field, since in a few years traditional services will become obsolete. Developing a Digital Marketing plan for the legal sector where our services are the basis for establishing an advertisement plan, will allow more people to know us and require them.

A Digital Marketing plan for lawyers, consists of the structuring of the objectives, strategies and advertising actions to be developed on the service that our legal firm will provide, focused on a specific period of time, for example, six months, and covers a wide variety of marketing-related activities such as costs, goals, actions to follow. For this, we must always take into account that each of our plans and objectives must present a legal justification for our services. A Digital Marketing plan, whether legal or personal, should not be taken lightly, as it requires a high level of commitment and research in order to be carried out efficiently.

This marketing plan is not and should not be fixed or static. We will not make a marketing plan and forget about it. No. This document needs to change, evolve over time, adapt to the needs and growth of the law firm and to unpredictable events.

Why is it important to create a marketing plan for lawyers?

Establishing a Digital Marketing plan to publicize our service in the legal field, is of vital importance, as it allows us to develop objectives and strategies that will grant us a better publicity of our legal services. Offering security in the legal field, respect and support, based on a base plan structured in detail will allow more people to dispense our service and therefore increase the number of satisfied customers, as well as potential customers who may require us in the future.

digital marketing plan for lawyers and law firm

Benefits of creating a digital marketing plan for lawyers

legal marketing plan in CA

Saving time

Creating a marketing plan for lawyers will allow you to save time, because you will know at all times what to do and how to do it. You will not have to plan your actions on the fly, which would be a waste of time and the strategy would not be effective.

how to create a legal digital marketing plan

Avoid improvisation

You will avoid improvisation and publishing content just because you have to. You will have your content publishing calendar organized, which will be very beneficial for your brand.

importance of creating a marketing plan

Measure your objectives

You will be able to measure, compare and correct your actions if they are far from your objectives. This is one of the great advantages of creating a marketing plan for lawyers. Because if something does not work, we remove or modify it so that it can give results.

legal marketing plan in california benefits

Effective voice

You will have a homogeneous discourse in all your media with the voice you want your brand to transmit. An appropriate voice, aimed at your target customer.

How to make a Digital Marketing plan for lawyers?

Like any plan, a Digital Marketing plan for lawyers requires a deep research, structuring and dedication. To carry out a Digital Marketing plan of this type, we must establish certain questions based mainly on:

  • The target audience of our service (in this case, people who require the service due to some specific situation).
  • The objectives of our Digital Marketing (what we want to achieve with each of the strategies to be applied).
  • How our advertising plan will be carried out (Each of the advertising strategies, in which platforms it will be carried out, among others).

Below we will break down each of these points so that you can create your digital marketing plan for lawyers in an efficient way and that can bring good results for your law firm.

why create a legal digital marketing plan?

First phase of our digital marketing plan for lawyers: What will we do?

One of the main questions we must ask ourselves is what we will do so that our Digital Marketing plan is carried out efficiently and allows higher quotes for our service. We must base ourselves mainly on the publicity that this requires, establishing as a priority the implementation strategies in social networks, keywords in the digital platforms to be used, among others.

Second phase of our digital legal marketing plan: How will we do it? Execution of the plan

  1. Develop short, medium and long term objectives based mainly on the effect our service will have. The general objective should be based especially on how to get our content to potential customers, this will depend mostly on the dissemination platforms used, what strategies will be applied and the different action plans to achieve it. Establishing the pros and cons of the service will allow minimizing the consequences at the moment of showing it to the public. 
  2. Establish and analyze the strategies that will be used so that these objectives can be met, always focusing on the fact that they will be carried out under a digital and innovative look.
  3. Select the digital platforms that we will use, based on the fact that each of them can condition the type of person to whom our message is addressed. 
  4. Develop different action plans that allow our product or service to reach the largest number of people who may be interested in it. That is to say, developing plans that promote the attraction of potential customers will allow our company to earn more income. 
  5. Calculate in detail and taking into account each particularity of our project to be carried out, even the smallest detail can affect the marketing strategy.  
  6. Establish the time that will be required for this process of digitalization of our services, based, again, on the objectives to be achieved in the short, medium and long term.
how to create a legal digital marketing plan
legal marketing plan in CA

Third phase of our legal digital marketing plan: Measure results and adjust.

Applying our previously established Digital Marketing plan will yield results, which can be determined as the number of people for whom we will work. We must analyze the number of potential customers interested in our services and the number of customers who made use of it. Based on this, a statistic will be created with such data that will allow us to determine if our Digital Marketing plan promotes the number of sales, as well as the renown of our firm, since digital marketing will also determine how prominent and recognized the firm will be in the legal field or in a specific law firm. These results will allow us to adjust the legal digital marketing plan according to our needs and objectives. It is very likely that things will not go as planned, but it takes effort and commitment for your law firm to achieve the desired goals.

How can legal marketing experts help me?

In Mireles Law we are experts in Legal Marketing, we can advise you when establishing a legal marketing plan, we can even create and deliver a pre-established plan where all the parameters to be taken into account are considered. Although we are experts in the field and in the development of digital marketing plans for your firm to be known, it is important to mention that each lawyer has a main work strategy, so it will be you who will determine what you want to achieve with the Digital Marketing plan (objectives), how we want to carry out this plan (strategies), when and where it will be done (you and your office who will have time, accessibility and easy handling of the necessary concepts to apply) and why it will be done (what are the reasons why we are carrying it out). All this we will discuss once you contact us to request the creation of a digital marketing plan. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us. We can help you boost your brand in the digital market.

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